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MixERP is your best free and open source ERP solution and business management software for Trading, Wholesaling, Cinema, Human Resource, Inventory, Procurement, Restaurants, Process Manufacturing, and more.
Learn how MixERP benefits you as an end user or an experienced ERP solution implementation company.
End User ERP Solution Provider

Manage Your Business with MixERP CE Why pay a hefty fee for ERP implementation which is likely to fail?

A business software does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. You know that and we will help you make better decisions.

100% Free and open source ERP written in
Your modern-day ERP solution with blazingly beautiful user interface.
More than 5.1 million lines of source code.
Supporting MixERP helps us strengthen, broaden, and enhance the product for everyone like you.
Growing community of ERP developers.
An option to pay for support as and when you need it.
Participate with us and help us grow the community together.
Become our alliance partner and grow your business. MixERP is only sold through our partners.
Learn quickly using our videos and participate in app/module development.
Coach, demonstrate, and inspire your clients to take informed decisions.

MixERP Small Business ERP Solution A blend of minimalist design and powerful ERP apps and modules.

We created MixERP for you, the best free ERP for small businesses worldwide. With MixERP Community Edition, you'll experience a huge productivity boost from day 1. You can manage your multi location sales, purchasing, inventory, accounting, and so much more like never before. Because we feel you're so special, we've made it completely free and open source.

Why not download MixERP and install it on your own server?

  • Account Management
  • Authorization
  • Calendar & Events
  • Website Builder
  • Social Network
  • Address Book
  • Human Resource Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Sales & Point of Sale
  • Inventory Management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Additional FOSS
  • Pro
    Process Manufacturing
  • Pro
    Cinesys Cinema POS
  • Pro
    Cinesys Gatekeeper
  • Pro
    Cinesys Live TV
  • Pro
    Recovery Manager
  • Pro
    Restaurant POS
  • Pro
    Bulletin Board
  • Pro
    Knowledge Base
  • Pro
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

Become an Alliance Partner Generate incremental revenue with less investment.

We know that you deserve more. You should have a successful and rewarding business partnering with MixERP. So, we've decided to redefine our partnership structure to ensure that you are well taken care of.

Why Partner with MixERP? Learn how you can benefit from our partnership.

No huge upfront investment is required.
Extremely profitable license revenue sharing model for partners.
Permission to rebrand MixERP as your own product.
MixERP as a backend for your own apps and modules.
Developing a module is a piece of cake if you have a command in C#.
Read-only access to our commercial and open source code base.
We will help you monetize your modules if we find it interesting.
Product improvements and additional modules for you to be competitive.
Compare Modules ERP Source Code How to Host?

Benefits of Partner Program

Unlimited Sales

Remain profitable by getting majority portion (flat 90%) of the license fee charged to the deals you close.

We know that our partners deserve more. You should have a successful and rewarding business partnering with MixERP.

Increased ROI

Keep 100% of the consulting, implementation, data migration, and other professional fees.

We believe fair business practice is a must. Imposing royalty on your professional services seems somewhat inappropriate.

Be Competitive

Be competitive and decide the correct license fee structure for your clients on case to case basis.

We understand that each market is different. No one knows better than you about what works best for your market/territory.

White Label

Rebrand/white label MixERP by getting a different commercial license which allows you to do so.

We feel that your work should be free of the GPL/APGL license compulsions. Monetize your work without being open source.

Full Code Access

Gain access to the code base--open source, commercial, and new modules as they arrive. Get free product updates and bug fixes for the entire alliance partnership lifetime.

Developer Friendly

Learn on your own with free developer training videos which cover every aspect of module development. Focus on your development and get timely and free bug fixes.

Full Rebranding

Your company, your branding, your customers. Remember, we have your back. We want to see you grow, succeed, and achieve more from our long-term alliance.

Get Referrals

Get referrals and leads belonging to your region as soon as they are submitted in MixERP website. It's important to close the deal and keep the ball rolling.

We've got you covered! Start today and get full source code and unlimited selling right for only $995 per year.

About MixERP Inc.

MixERP Inc. is a software development company based in Felixstowe (United Kingdom) and Kathmandu (Nepal). We focus on assisting startups turn their ideas into reality. Our awesome offshore team in India and Nepal have been working together helping startups build revolutionary apps, highly reducing the cost to launch and maintain web and mobile application.

Each story is different, but our compassion always remains the same.

Our Expertise

Desktop Applications
  • OS X
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Restful Backend Apps

Web Applications
  • C#
  • Node JS
  • Python
  • PHP

Mobile, Watch, TV App
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
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