Become an Alliance Partner Generate incremental revenue with less investment.

We know that you deserve more. You should have a successful and rewarding business partnering with MixERP. So, we've decided to redefine our partnership structure to ensure that you are well taken care of.

Why Partner with MixERP? Learn how you can benefit from our partnership.

No huge upfront investment is required.
Extremely profitable license revenue sharing model for partners.
Permission to rebrand MixERP as your own product.
MixERP as a backend for your own apps and modules.
Developing a module is a piece of cake if you have a command in C#.
Read-only access to our commercial and open source code base.
We will help you monetize your modules if we find it interesting.
Product improvements and additional modules for you to be competitive.
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Benefits of Partner Program

Unlimited Sales

Remain profitable by getting majority portion (flat 90%) of the license fee charged to the deals you close.

We know that our partners deserve more. You should have a successful and rewarding business partnering with MixERP.

Increased ROI

Keep 100% of the consulting, implementation, data migration, and other professional fees.

We believe fair business practice is a must. Imposing royalty on your professional services seems somewhat inappropriate.

Be Competitive

Be competitive and decide the correct license fee structure for your clients on case to case basis.

We understand that each market is different. No one knows better than you about what works best for your market/territory.

White Label

Rebrand/white label MixERP by getting a different commercial license which allows you to do so.

We feel that your work should be free of the GPL/APGL license compulsions. Monetize your work without being open source.

Full Code Access

Gain access to the code base--open source, commercial, and new modules as they arrive. Get free product updates and bug fixes for the entire alliance partnership lifetime.

Developer Friendly

Learn on your own with free developer training videos which cover every aspect of module development. Focus on your development and get timely and free bug fixes.

Full Rebranding

Your company, your branding, your customers. Remember, we have your back. We want to see you grow, succeed, and achieve more from our long-term alliance.

Get Referrals

Get referrals and leads belonging to your region as soon as they are submitted in MixERP website. It's important to close the deal and keep the ball rolling.

We've got you covered! Start today and get full source code and unlimited selling right for only $995 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become your partner?
You can become our partner by contacting us.
What is the tech stack? MVC, C#, IIS, Windows Server, SQL Server and PostgreSQL, Redis, and several other.
What does white-label mean?
White-label means changing the software name to something entirely different.
Can I rebrand MixERP?
Yes. You can rebrand MixERP under your own brand name.
What will be the software license?
You will get a non open source customized license.
Do you provide one on one training sessions?
We do not provide one on one training sessions. But you can access our tutorial videos.
How much does the partner fee cost?
The partner fee costs $995/year.
How much commission do I get from my sales?
You get 90% of the license fee and 100% of other professional fee on the sales you close.
Can I get services from MixERP? How much does it cost?
You can hire our developers for $100-$250 per day.
Can you guarantee that partner pricing will not change in the future?
No. We can't predict the future and so partner pricing could go up or down.
How can I ensure my partner pricing remains the same?
You can't ensure that but you can purchase partner plan for up to 5 (five) years in advance if you really want to go long term.
Do you provide discounts if I purchased partner plan for more than a year?
Unfortunately, there is no discount even when you purchase partner plan for 5 years.
Can I purchase partner plan for more than 5 years?
No, you can not.
What are accepted payment methods?
We accept bank transfer and major cryptocurrencies.
What is the maximum amount of my sales?
There is no restriction on how much you can sell.
Can I rebrand/white-label and then sell MixERP source code to third party software vendor?

The partner license explicitly forbids you to sell MixERP in source code form to another software vendor or any other third party. You are only allowed to sell MixERP to the end users.

Can I sell MixERP as a service?
Of course, you can.
Do I need to pay extra for each sales?
No. You only need to provide us 10% license of each sales.
How much fees should I charge to my customers?
We understand that market is more competitive today than ever before. For you to remain competitive, we want you to decide what works best for you.
How much should I charge if I provide hosted MixERP service?
It entirely depends on you how much you want to charge and what pricing strategy and structure fits you well.
Do I get sales support from MixERP?
We do not provide sales support to our partners.
Do I need to provide my modules and customization under an open source source license?
That's your decision. Feel free to release open source modules to the community and we encourage you to do that. But there is no compulsion for your modules to be open source.
Will you provide customization for free?
No. Each partner is responsible for customizing the software to meet their clients' needs.
Who provides support to my clients?
You will need to provide support to your own clients.
Should I start an ERP business without in-house technical expertise?
We strongly feel you should not. It is important for you have talents in place who are there to support your customers throughout the process.
What technical expertise do you expect from a partner?
We expect our partners to have a good knowledge of git,, and several open source frameworks and libraries we use.
What kind of developers I should hire?
Developers who have strong foundation, exposure, and expertise in .NET stack.
Is MixERP 100% bug free?
No software is 100% bug free. We are focusing more on improving MixERP's codebase and code quality rather than adding hundreds of modules which no one will use.
I found a bug in MixERP's codebase. What should I do?
If you found bug(s) in MixERP's code, you should create an issue in our GitHub repository. Alternatively if you have already solved the issue, you could send us a pull request.
Is development in MixERP similar to
Everything you know about is applicable in MixERP platform. And we have a few extra libraries and frameworks to speed up your development process by five fold.