MixERP Community Edition

MixERP is a feature-rich and easy-to-use free ERP software for small business.

Designed from the ground up, MixERP Community Edition integrates most of the useful functionalities of an ERP solution with extra emphasis on simplification of the implementation.

MixERP has a guided implementation feature which makes it a piece of cake for you to properly setup your ERP instance.

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General ERP Features
Centralized Architecture
Access Policy Management
Transaction Verification
Automatic Verification
End of Day Operations
Document Manager
Custom Fields
Report Builder
Guided First Steps
Human Resource Management
Attendance & Leave Management
Employee Contracts
Resignations, Leaves, and Exits
Job Titles
Employment Statuses
Pay Grades
Employee Experience
Employee Qualifications
Work Shifts
Account Receivable / Sales / Selling
Sales Quotation & Order
Direct Sales
Sales Delivery
Sales Return
Custom Receipts
Sales Team & Salesperson Info
Sales Commission
Late Fee Fine
Recurring Invoices
Account Payable / Purchase / Buying / Procurement
Purchase Order
Direct Purchase
Goods Receipt Note
Purchase Return
Purchase Reorder
Purchase Reports
Inventory / Stock
Inventory Transfer
Inventory Transfer Request
Inventory Transfer Authorization
Inventory Transfer Delivery
Inventory Transfer Receipt
Inventory Items
Compound Inventory Items (Kits)
Cost Price
Selling Price
Customer & Supplier
Unit of Measure
Compound Unit of Measure
Shipping Companies
Finance / Accounting
Journal Entry
Exchange Rate Update
Voucher Verification
End of Day Operations
Chart of Accounts
Currency Management
Bank Accounts
Ageing Slabs
Cash Flow Headings
Cash Flow Setup
Cost Centers
Payment Cards
Merchant Fee Setup
Trial Balance & PL Account
Balance Sheet & Cash Flow
Office / Back Office
Tax Master
Tax Authorities
Sales Tax Types
State Sales Taxes
Counties Sales Taxes
Sales Taxes
Tax Exempt Types
Sales Tax Exempts
Sales Tax Exempt Setup
Office & Branch Setup
Fiscal Year Information
Frequency & Fiscal Year Management
Department Setup
Role Management
User Management
Cash Repository Setup
Entity Setup
Industry Setup
Country Setup
State Setup
County Setup
Custom Fields
Flag Management
Voucher Verification Policy
Automatic Verification Policy
Menu Access Policy
Store Policy
Api Access Policy
Default Entity Access Policy
Entity Access Policy
Database Statistics
Backup Database
Change User Password
Check Updates
Report Writer
Opening Inventory
Attatchment Parameters
Currencylayer Parameters
Database Parameters
SMTP Parameters
MixERP Parameters
OpenExchangeRates Parameters
ScrudFactory Parameters
Other Setup
Identification Types
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