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MixERP is insanely fast, rock solid, affordable, and scalable ERP software for business owners like you who make better-informed decisions.

The multiple-establishment feature of MixERP will save you time, money, and resources required to re-implement ERP in the future when you open a branch office in a new city. It's just a button click away—create the branch office and user logins. Everything is automatically synced and you're good to go.

Why not see MixERP in action right now? No sign up is required to view the demo.


With MixERP on the cloud, you save huge upfront infrastructure costs. You can save even more by opting to quarterly (10% off), semiannual (15% off), or yearly (20% off) billing.

Competitive Pricing

MixERP's cloud pricing is very competitive and fair, enabling you to get the most out of your money, and of course, without any hidden fees or catches!!!

Zero Maintenance Cost

You do not need to worry a thing about maintenance because we will do the heavy lifting round the clock while you focus on your work.

Rapid Support

We have developed a tailor-designed helpdesk support system and when you need to talk, we generally respond within hours if not minutes.

Round the Clock Support

Are you worried who's going to look after if something goes wrong during the weekends or holidays? Be assured that we now have 24 x 7 x 365 email support for you. You are in a good company!!!

Unlimited Supports

There is no event based support cost for Professional Edition users. You get free unlimited support events no matter how many users you purchased.

Early Access

The Professional Edition users have an early access to new features that we are working on.


MixERP Professional edition is ready to use cloud ERP software with 30-day money back guarantee. The monthly cost covers for everything including hosting, updating, management, and support.

Unlimited Companies

You can create unlimited branch offices in a single instance producing various consolidated reports like balance sheet and profit and loss account.

Automatic Updates

You have a peace of mind that your instance of MixERP Professional Edition is automatically updated on a periodic basis.


MixERP Professional Edition has added integrations with third party solutions like CurrencyLayer, OpenExchangeRates, SendGrid, MailGun, and Mandrill.

Payroll Module

The payroll module provides a complete set of salary and wage management features that account for salary tax and employment tax such as Social Security Contribution and Medicare.


The production module provides you a unique interface to manage your multi-level bill of materials, routing, production scheduling, and work centers.

Works Seamlessly across Devices
Mobile-Friendly User Interface

Mobile phones have become an important part of our daily lives. Gone are the days when mobile support was considered as an afterthought for an ERP software. Not only MixERP supports mobile phones, but also devices with various form factors and screen sizes.

Save Cost without Cutting Corners

MixERP Community Edition saves you huge upfront and recurring costs from day one.

Why do you need to buy an ERP software when you get the best one for free?

Open Source

Downloaded by over a hundred people daily, MixERP has crossed 100K+ downloads.

Does Free Necessarily Mean Bad?

Free does not have to mean bad. MixERP is free as in both freedom and free beer.

Only When You Need It

We do not force you to buy a commercial license. Use MixERP free forever and pay only when you need support.

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