Accounting Software

MixERP's powerful accounting solution provides you multi-currency and multi-company features fully integrated with payroll, sales, purchase, inventory, production that greatly reduces your operation costs.

Centralized Multi Company Accounting

The centralized multi-company accounting module enables you quickly understand and identify the financial position of your branch office, branch group, or in totality.

Create journal entries
Verify journal entries
Edit or update (using API) currency conversion rates
Perform End of Day (EOD) processing
Chart of accounts
Bank Account
Ageing Slabs
Cash flow headings
Cash flow Setup
Cost Centers
Payment Cards
Merchant Fee Setup
Journal Entry

Enter multi-currency journal transaction postings that automatically keep track of exchange rates (ER) and convert to local currency (LC).

Intuitive Account Statement

View your account statement hierarchically, flag transactions with colors which are displayed only to you. The account statement when viewed from parent office will include transactions of all child offices.

Transaction Verification

MixERP has inbuilt security mechanism which ensures that transactions will not be taken into account until they are verified. MixERP provides you maker/checker verification system that ensures that the maker (who posted the entry) cannot verify the transaction (checker). MixERP also provides you with automatic transaction verification system which, when activated, will automatically verify transactions for you.

Save Cost without Cutting Corners

MixERP Community Edition saves you huge upfront and recurring costs from day one.

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Open Source

Downloaded by over a hundred people daily, MixERP has crossed 100K+ downloads.

Does Free Necessarily Mean Bad?

Free does not have to mean bad. MixERP is free as in both freedom and free beer.

Only When You Need It

We do not force you to buy a commercial license. Use MixERP free forever and pay only when you need support.

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