Inventory Management Solution

MixERP gives you the complete control to track your inventory more efficiently and accurately. You choose from periodic inventory system or perpetual inventory system and the rest will be automatically figured out by MixERP.

MixERP makes managing your inventory a piece of cake.

Know Your Inventory Inside Out
Direct Transfer
Transfer Request
Transfer Authorization
Transfer Delivery
Inventory Adjustment
Item Groups
Quickly search employees using filters
Compound Units
Item Variants
Inventory Transfer Workflow

Inventory transfer workflow is a must-have feature if you manage multiple stores on multiple locations.
Your store manager can place a request to receive goods that are below the minimum stock level.

  • Request Inventory

    The store manager raises inventory transfer request for item she needs.

  • Verify Request

    You approve the transfer request.

  • Delivery from Warehouse

    Your warehouse employee packs and dispatches goods for delivery.

  • Received on Store

    The goods are delivered to the store.

Manage Your Customers & Suppliers

Manage your customers and suppliers in one single screen. Customers and suppliers are collectively known as parties. Create various rules such as maximum credit amount, maximum credit days, payment terms, selling prices, cost prices, and much more.

Save Cost without Cutting Corners

MixERP Community Edition saves you huge upfront and recurring costs from day one.

Why do you need to buy an ERP software when you get the best one for free?

Open Source

Downloaded by over a hundred people daily, MixERP has crossed 100K+ downloads.

Does Free Necessarily Mean Bad?

Free does not have to mean bad. MixERP is free as in both freedom and free beer.

Only When You Need It

We do not force you to buy a commercial license. Use MixERP free forever and pay only when you need support.

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